Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Vacation photo

A family photo from summer vacation (see Noah's first vacation post below). We are fortunate that Gommy rents a beach house for us for an entire week every summer. It gives us a chance to all be together at the beach for a whole week. Like I mentioned, this was an extra special week for us becasue it was Noah's first vacation. It was also great because it gave Cameron and Bryson a real chance to "bond" with their cousin, Max. Max will be turning two in October, so last summer he was still a little young to "play" with. This year was a different story! The boys were all great! We had a fantastic week, even though the weather was not the best we have ever had, it was still great. We had our own pool this year, Bryson learned how to go underwater!, we had movie nights in our own theatre downstairs, we had smores night outside by the pool, the "older" boys played their annual horseshoes and bocce ball games on the beach, we played putt-putt, visited the aquarium, and feed the seagulls! I cannot wait to see what next year will be like with the FIVE boys at the beach! I hope that our families can continue to do this every summer for a long time!

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