Monday, September 14, 2009

An afternoon at the Eno River

Labor Day weekend last year, Doug and I took Cameron and Bryson to the Eno River for the afternoon to have a picnic and play in the river. What better place for boys that a river. There is water, mud, rocks, sticks, and tons of critters! They had the best time!

So, this past weekend, to have a little fun, we took the boys back to the Eno River (almost one year later). Except, on this trip was, of course, one more "baby boy" to add to the mix! So, these are a few of the photos from the afternoon on the Eno - and Noah's first trip. The boys love this so much, I am sure we will do it every year now about this same time. A little boy's paradise!

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Emily said...

So Cute!!! Was the water cold? I bet they had fun!!