Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall ball ya'll

Ok, I just had to say that! Fall ball ya'll! We are in the south you know!

Anyway.... Cameron decided this fall to take a season off from soccer, which broke my heart, but... I had to listen to what he wanted to do. He has been talking about playing baseball now for several months. His very good friends, Mason Halsey and Gresham Parrish, both play and I think that has influenced him a little to want to try it out. So, since our local athletic association offers fall baseball, we decided to let Cameron "try it out!" Evidently, this fall ball stuff is not quite as competitive as spring baseball and Doug thought this might be a good way for Cameron to learn a little about the sport without too much pressure. The first game for the HYAA Panthers (Cameron's team name) was this weekend. I was quite proud of him considering it was his first game - ever! He made one hit and scored a run! He was very proud too.

Here's the "baseball player" coming out into the stands to meet his fans! Cameron is a very lucky little boy. He had quite the "audience" watching his first game... his mom, his "Gommy," his brothers, and his very close friend, Gresham and his mom, "Miss Shelby."

PS - Really sorry about the sideways photos again. Evidently if I crop any of my photos before uploading them, they turn sideways and I do not know how to fix it! So, if you just "click" on the photo it will enlarge it for you and then you can turn your head slightly and it looks normal!!!! Yes, I will have to work on this problem!

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