Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Noah!

Okay... I am four days late posting this (I was busy posting about some other things), but on Sunday, September 13th, Noah turned 6 months old! SIX whole months... It has been SIX months! Where has the time gone?
In some ways it feels like it was yesterday that Doug and I were standing on the beach announcing to Jay and Laura and Mom and Greg that we were having ANOTHER baby and then "skyping" Daddy in Italy to tell him the news on the same day. And it seems like yesterday that we were racing to hospital thinking we would have another quick birth, only to find out that Baby Noah wanted to take nine hours to get here! And it seems like yesterday that we were anxiously waiting for our two baby boys to enter the hospital room and meet their new baby brother for the very first time! In some ways, it really feels like yesterday! Then.... in some ways it feels so long ago. It seems like Noah was so teeny tiny for such a short amount of time. I think having Cameron and Bryson around has made these months fly by faster than I expected. I remember with both Cameron and Bryson I never wanted them to get older, not even one day, because I loved the age they were and I did not want to loose it. Like when they were 3 months, I wanted them to stay 3 months forever. Then 4 months came and I wanted them to stay 4 months forever, etc. I am feeling the same way with Noah. I want him to stay the way he is, but, at the same time, I want him to grow and play baseball with his brothers, and run around the house with underpants on his head yelling "Captain Underpants!" like his brothers, and put beetles and frogs in his pants pockets only to have me find them during laundry like his brothers, and I want him to be able to look into my eyes and say "Mommy, I love you" just like his brothers do. I want all of these things, and I do not ever want those memories to fade. Memories are what make me smile during the hard times!
Happy "half" Birthday Noah!!! I love you!


Mandy said...

Happy 6 months, Noah!!! Your friend Chase turns 6 months this weekend! YOu boys are growing so fast!!

Emily said...

Happy 6 months Noah!!!!!!!! So cute!! can't to see you tonight or soon go i can see that cute smile!