Thursday, October 29, 2009

The pumpkin carving party

So, as I mentioned earlier, this past weekend our house was in serious "party mode." We celebrated Bryson's birthday party at our house Saturday afternoon and then held our annual pumpkin carving party in our backyard Sunday afternoon. It was a busy, but fun, weekend. So, finally I am posting the pics form the pumpkin carving party... just in time for Halloween tomorrow!
We started doing this 2 years ago with our neighborhood gang in our backyard, carving pumpkins. This was our third year and although it has gotten a bit larger, it is still so much fun. I love getting the families together to share Halloween goodies, carve jack-o-lanterns, and bob for apples! I already have ideas "brewing" for next year's party!
Our friends joined us this year in the backyard on a very fall like afternoon, just a bit cool and a little overcast. Everyone brought pumpkins of all shapes and sizes for carving. Our family had a little fun with our pumpkin before actually carving it. Cameron and Doug removed all the "guts" of the pumpkin and then we decided to put little Noah inside the pumpkin for a little fun! He sat right in and started inspecting the bright orange "ball" he was sitting in. (We lined the inside so he did not get cold pumpkin guts all over him!)
There was quite the array of carved pumpkins... witches, smiley faces, faces with heart shaped eyes, and the traditional jack-o-lantern face! Of course, all the kids lined up after the carving for the group photo and to display all their hard work!
Then, it was time for a few Halloween treats including "mummy dogs," popcorn balls, spinach dip, Halloween chex mix, candy corn bark, Halloween shaped marshmallows, and my two favorites.... homemade gummi worm lollipops and ear wax q-tips! I thought the ear wax q-tips were too funny, but my family seemed to think they were gross! I will post the "how-to" on those if anyone is interested for their own Halloween parties next year!
The party could not end without the traditional "bobbing for apples." This year it seemed to be more of a "boy's thing" since it was a little chilly outside and the water was cold! But, in the end, everyone had fun pulling their apples out with their teeth!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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