Sunday, October 18, 2009

a visit to the pumpkin patch!

Every year our family takes a trip to visit a local pumpkin patch with our "neighborhood gang" friends. Our annual trip was this afternoon and this year we visited Ganyard Hill Farm in Durham. We had a fantastic family day at the pumpkin patch! Ganyard Farm had everything we could have asked for to make it a perfect afternoon.. although, it could have been a tiny bit warmer!
The boys picked their own pumpkin right off the vines in the pumpkin patch, then picked corn in the corn maze to feed the goats, slid down the tunnel slide in the hay field, picked cotton, went jumping in the "corn crib" and we finished the day with a good old fashioned hay ride! I have to admit, besides spring, fall and visits to the pumpkin patch are one of my favorite things! And it was fun this year to add our newest "little pumpkin," baby Noah, for his first pumpkin patch adventure!
Please excuse the 7 million photos I posted! I just love pumpkin patch photos like I love beach photos!! And, if it looks like we all changed clothes during the day, we did not, I just took off the children's jackets a couple of times for photos because they had on "Halloween" shirts. I had to show off Noah's Halloween "outfit," but I got nervous because it was really chilly outside. So, we put the hat and jackets back on quickly!


Mandy said...

Such great pics! Noah, I LOVE your little blue hat! I think your friend Chase needs one now. :)

Emily said...

Noah just wants to put that bright orange pumpkin in his mouth, so badly! Sorry we could not make it. Look like you guys had fun! Love Noah,UNC! Blue hat