Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Countdown recipe #9

So, my blogging is a bit late today. I just got home from a girls night out (see next post!) So, since it is almost midnight, today's recipe will have to be a little short and "sweet." The "sweet" part literally! This recipe is one that Doug shared with me many many years ago. It really does not have a name and it will sound so simple. But, I promise you, it is so good! Kids will absolutely love it! And, really, it is so easy you can make it in about 5 minutes and people will think it took 30 minutes. So, we'll call it "Cookies and Cream!"

Cookies and Cream

one package of Chips Ahoy choco chip cookies (it really does need to be Chips Ahoy brand)
one large tub of Cool Whip
about a 3/4 cup milk

pour your milk into a small shallow bowl. take the Chips Ahoy cookies and dunk them in the milk. they do not have to sit, just lightly "dunk." then layer "dunked" milk cookies in a casserole dish of any size or shape. After you have lined the bottom of the dish, spoon on Cool Whip to cover cookies completely. Then repeat the above steps making layers of cookies and cool whip. then put in the fridge to chill about one hour or so and then serve!
It's that easy! And, it is that good! It's like choco chip cookie pudding, but better! The milk makes the cookies just moist enough to mix in with the Cool Whip.

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