Sunday, November 15, 2009

The thankful chain!

Yesterday morning the boys and I had some time together while Doug went out to run a few errands and Noah was napping. I found this craft idea on a blog (or maybe a magazine??) about doing something with your children in preparation for Thanksgiving. I have to say, my boys and I are all about Easter and Halloween and even Christmas, and we have certain "traditions" we do for each of those. But, Thanksgiving, it seems just kind-of comes and goes. There's not really too much we "do" for it together. So, after I saw how cute and easy this idea was, I had to share it with the boys.
We sat down yesterday morning with construction paper and markers. I explained that we were going to make a thankful chain for Thanksgiving. Bryson cannot really write yet, so I asked him to tell me things that he was thankful for. I could tell they have already discussed this in preschool because he did not ask to me explain. And his very first response was "I am thankful for my God giving me my family!" I thought I was going to fall out of my chair hearing something so sweet come out of Bryson (without a bribe!). So, everything he said, I wrote down. Then I asked Cameron the same question and he wrote his down on each strip of construction paper I had already cut out. Then, I asked both of them to tell me what they thought Noah was thankful for. They both immediately said "baby formula!"
We then took each strip of construction paper with the words written on them and curled and stapled them to form a chain (like you used to do in elementary school). It turned out really cute! And I told the boys we could add to it between now and Thanksgiving if they wanted. Now, we just have to decide where to hang it!

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