Monday, December 21, 2009

Mommy, what did you need out of the pantry?!

Baking with mommy.... Noah and I were at home last week one day and I decided to go ahead and do our holiday baking for the goodies we take to the staff at Cameron's school, New Hope Elementary. Noah was such a big help in the pantry! It is almost like he hears me open the pantry door and he comes crawling in the kitchen faster than the speed of light to see what he can pull off the shelves and get into! Although it can be a bit messy, it is so cute to watch him exploring life!
Needless to say, we finally got our holiday baking for the teachers all finished and then delivered the next day - just in time before our first snow of the season!


Nancy said...

Thanks for the yummy peppermint bark!! It was so beautiful and delicious. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!

Emily said...

That is so cute! now you have to watch him even more. hope you guys had a wonderful christmas!