Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another "Bryson said" moment...

So, tonight Doug and my dad are at the UNC basketball game. That leaves me with the three little ones at home on a school night, which can be a bit "busy!" Anyway, as usual, I am kind of rushing around, trying to get everything done because we have stay somewhat on our schedule or tomorrow morning will be complete chaos. After dinner, the boys asked what they could have for dessert. Well, we all know it is Girl Scout cookie time, right? So, at our house, our usual cookie purchase consists of a box of peanut butter patties and a box of thin mints. I treat these as "special" cookies (since there is only one box of each and they're not cheap!). Anyway, Bryson was not allowed dessert because he did not finish his dinner, but Cameron was allowed. So, I told Cameron he could have the last two peanut butter pattie Girl Scout cookies. Of course, he was thrilled, and of course, Bryson was upset. Preparing myself for a "battle" I gave Cameron the cookies at the table. Bryson surprised me and did not "challenge" me on this. Instead he looked at me and remarked, "Mommy, that means now I have to eat the toothpaste cookies in the green box!"

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