Monday, March 8, 2010

Conversations with an almost 9 year old....

Just wanted to share quickly that for any mom out there that as young children, prepare yourself for what life is like with an older child!
Cameron and I enjoyed the gorgeous weather today with Noah (Bryson was at preschool having fun!) taking a few "birthday" photos. (Will post those later this week!) Anyway, we were riding in the car to the park, just enjoying our typical "afterschool" conversations. For some reason we started discussing friends and sleepovers, etc. Cameron went to a birthday sleepover recently with a very good friend. We were talking about this "friend" (guess I will not mention names so as to not embarrass) and he said he wanted to have another sleepover with this "friend" at the friend's house. I said that would be fine but then asked if he would want to do it at our house. He immediately said "no Mommy...... We do not have a game room and pool table, and our house is not as big... NO OFFENSE MOMMY......." and then he continued on. I was so shocked at what I had just heard I did not even care that he may have "liked" this house better than ours. I mean, he is only almost 9 years old, and he carried on a conversation with me using "no offense" and used it correctly!!!!! Hhhhuuummmmm........ the world of older children!

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