Sunday, April 4, 2010

another hunt...

One more egg hunt! Last night we went to my mom's for our annual Easter dinner and family egg hunt! It is always nice for the boys to see their cousins and have "the great egg hunt." This year was extra special for our family because of the latest addition to our extended family, Baby Emery (see previous posts!). So, if you notice Cameron holding a little pink bundle in one of the photos don't worry, there is no news to share! The Koehlers have not added a baby girl, it belongs to my sweet cousin, April. (But doesn't Cameron look sweet holding a baby dressed in pink!!??!!)

We decided to put Baby Emery in Noah's Easter basket. April did not think she would fit, but look! Doesn't Noah look like he is saying "what the heck is that in my Easter basket and where are my eggs??!!"

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