Friday, April 16, 2010

"fab find friday"....sound like fun?

After a long week, I wanted to post about something "happy!" First, let me say, that if you read my last post, Noah is much better as of today!

Second, I have become so addicted to so many different blogs out there and look to them for creativity and inspiration. I decided it might be fun to do what some of the other blogs do and have some type of "weekly feature." It also gives me an excuse to do some creative thinking and searching and to share weekly. Since Friday is my day off, and favorite day of the week, we'll do "Fab Find Fridays!" Leave me a comment if you think this sounds like fun to you?! (Cameron asked me one day, Mom, how many people do you think really look at your blog?!" I guess even if it is just one or two, it can still be fun for us?!)

So, without further adieu, I will share not one, but two, fab find friday items to get started!

This is one of the cutest Etsy shops I stumbled upon while holiday gift shopping last year. Lima Bean Kids features super cute personalized plates and tee shirts at very reasonable prices. And, for a very limited time, she is doing a great sale. You can get two personalized melamine plates for $35. But, it ends tomorrow, so hurry!

And, fab find number two is for any mom out there planning a birthday party for a little one. (You all know my passion for party planning!) These little "pin the" felt games are just too cute to resist. My wheels are already turning for how I can use this at Noah's next birthday. Teresa, at StellandLivi, will do almost any custom design for party hats, so I am sure she will for these too. I just think they would be a sweet little addition for a little birthday party. Maybe a pin the scoop on the ice cream cone....., or pin the animal in the ark (like a Noah's Ark theme!), or pin the flower in the basket for a little girl's spring time birthday??

Happy Friday!


Steph said...

hi jenn! i look forward to your fab finds :) happy weekend!!

Matt and Mandy Dickerson said...

Cute idea, Jenn! Ironically enough, the bowl that is in the most recent picture on our blog is a gift with Chase's name on it. And I love it. Looking forward to more of your fab finds! :) So glad Noah is better!

Cathy said...

Hi Jennifer! I love reading your blog and seeing all your "creativity" in the works! I'm so happy to hear that Noah is doing better. Take care!

Jason said...

I love Fab Find Fridays, I think it sounds fun and I love reading your Blog so keep it up!!!! Hope to see you at Church on Sunday and I am so glad to hear Noah is feeling better, your story was a scary experience no mom wants to face, but am so glad it turned out happy.

Jason said...

Not sure why it said I was Jason but that last comment was mine. Hopefully I can fix that.

Jason said...

Can't seem to fix that name thing, so I will just have to be Jason!