Monday, April 12, 2010


So, Noah will turn 13 months old tomorrow and "it" has already started! The "it" is all the little "baby" things that start to go away once the little ones turn one year old. I should be prepared for all of this. I have done it with two other boys, but it is still so bittersweet for me. There are all these little details that start to go away (and for good) once that one year old birthday comes around. The clothes for 12 -18 month olds seems to be so much more "grown up" looking, the independence shows even more in the feeding, the mixing of the formula stops (ok, my bank account actually appreciates this one!), the crawling is usually gone (not in our case, but usually!), and the biggest "it" right now in our house..... the bottle is saying "bye-bye." Rest in peace baby bottles! I do not know why this is hard one for me, but it is. One the one hand, I am ready for Noah to become a toddler, and on the other hand, I do not want to let go of my last little baby boy!!!!!!!

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Mandy said...

I understand, Jenn! It was hard for me, too to put away the bottles and thus acknowledge that Chase is no longer a baby. I can only imagine how sad it is when it is your last baby! :(