Sunday, May 23, 2010

adults only

This weekend was "weekend getaway time" for me and Doug. Adults only! Not that I do not love my boys more than anything in this world, but it was time for Doug and I to have a little "adult" time and mental break. We spent the weekend in Hickory, NC with some great couples! Doug was invited to play in a member/guest golf tournament by an old college buddy/frat brother. So, while the boys golfed all weekend, the girls hung out by the pool and got acquainted. We were lucky enough to stay in the Otterberg's guest house, which was like being on vacation at a resort! Thank you Shani and Dustin!!!!! While Doug and Scott did not finish their golf weekend quite the way they wanted (lost in a play off), we all had a fantastic time Saturday night and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone! Thanks for a great weekend you guys!

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