Wednesday, May 5, 2010

baby needs a new pair of shoes!

First, let me say that Noah is still not walking! He will be 14 months old next week. Part of me is not worried because he does stand alone (for a brief time) and he will take a tiny step every once and awhile. But, part of me is worried because the other two boys were walking by 13 months! Anyway.... I guess we'll see what happens over the next few weeks. I just feel it will be anytime now and he will "take off." (Funny, once he is walking I will laugh about how I wanted him to walk and now I cannot keep up with him!)

So, since Noah is not walking yet, I have not put much emphasis on shoes. We had a pair of Robeez "slippers" that we wore often and a pair of Pedipeds that he has basically worn out! Those were great! But, we decided it was time for a little more of an actual shoe. So, off to Nordstrom! I actually bought two pair of shoes, one pair of fisherman sandals from See Kai Run (great shoes!) that are two cute for words, and the other, the old stand-by... Crocs! Well, we tried on a couple of pairs in the store and every time I took them off Noah's foot he would cry and hold up his foot. Cameron was with me and just laughed at it every time. So, when we went to pay, the lady boxed up the shoes and Noah screamed! Well, it was out of the box and on the feet before we left the store and little Noah was happy as a clam! And, ever since if you hold up the crocs he holds out his foot and wants them on. We bought them Monday and he has worn them around the house even with only a diaper on! I wish you could see how terribly cute these teeny tiny Crocs are on his chubby little baby feet!

*PS, please excuse the very dirty toes in the above photo! We had been playing outside, barefoot, when I took the photo!

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Mandy said...

So cute!! I wish Chase was as excited as NOah is about Sandles...He will only wear his shoes with the socks. Everytime I put his "summer" shoes on him without socks he starts screaming and pulling at them to get them off...Oh well. And don't you worry...NOah will be walking in NO time! he is precious! :)