Friday, May 28, 2010

fab find friday!

It's the end of another week.... and the beginning of a holiday weekend! Yeah!

So, to help you think of "rest and relaxation," I am posting about pillows! Ok, I know... corny! Anyway, look at these cute little pillows! Those of you that know me, know my love for decorating and might know that I love a bit of "whimsy" somewhere in each room. What better way than one of these adorable handmade pillows. I just think the one with the green flower looks like it belongs on a dark wicker chair with a white cushion in a sunroom. And, what about the blue one with the white flower on a "tween" age girl's bed? I just love them. And when you look at their shop on etsy you will also see one with a baby blue bird. I LOVE that one and am seriously thinking it might have to go in the little boys' room upstairs!!!! You can check out all the designs here.


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