Monday, May 17, 2010

things change

Doug and I have enjoyed our new Sunday school class at our church so much this year. It is a Christian Parenting class and not only do we love the teachers, but we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many nice couples. It has been a great way to "socialize" with other parents struggling with how to raise children in today's crazy world! Anyway..... the weekend before Mother's Day we had a discussion in our class about "how has parenting changed you." One of the in depth discussions was on "how has parenting matured you?" Of course, several of us chuckled and said "gray hair," but inside I was thinking about how so many of my feelings/wants have changed. I have often (even today!) found myself at the mall really wanting a new dress, but I always end up perusing the children's stores and then buying outfits for the kids! Before having the boys, I would have been disappointed about not getting a new dress. But now, it seems like I just say "oh, I'll get it later..."

The week of Mother's Day Cameron asked me on a couple of occasions "Mommy, what is your favorite flower?" I answered, of course, and did not think that much about it. Then, Mother's Day morning, Cameron gave me the sweetest handmade card and a beautiful bundle of tulips. Obviously, I understood then why he had asked me that question. I assumed to "help Daddy!" But, I later found out from Doug that he was not the one who wanted to get me flowers - Cameron did. Cameron told Doug exactly what flower and color to get AND gave Doug HIS own money to make the purchase. When Doug told me I cried. You might not know, but Cameron is a saver, not a spender. He does not give "his" money away easily and the thought of him doing that for me just made my heart "hurt," but in a good way! Mother's Day with my boys was very special this year, but I realized that it was not because of the gift that I really thought I wanted (but I do LOVE my new iTouch... thank you Doug!!!). It was because I realized that what is truly important is the little things!!! And, for me, it's three of them!!!!!!!!!!

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Mandy said...

Such a sweet story, Jenn! Cameron is such a sweet and thoughtful boy!!