Thursday, June 10, 2010

last day of school "treats"

Just to share a few ideas that maybe some of you moms out there can file away for next school year. I was really happy with our teacher's gifts this year. Thanks to a "tip" from a good friend and neighbor (thank you Amy!), I did beach buckets for each teacher filled with beach day goodies and a gift card. The buckets turned out super cute and they were a huge hit with the teachers. You can fill them with beach towels, or a beach mat, sunscreen, pedicure goodies, magazines, word search puzzles, snacks, lotion, aloe gel, and a water bottle. And, as I mentioned, I added gift cards to Cameron's teacher's bucket. I tied a cute little tag on the handle and some pretty ribbon... and "voila," it was done!

I also made little treat bags with "happy summer" tags on them, filled with chocolate cookies for all of the assistant teachers, and the "other" teachers, like PE and art and our principal. They also turned out super cute and seemed to be a big hit.

And, my favorite thing of the day today were our cupcakes for the third grade luau party (see previous post). Since it was a luau and we wanted to stay in that "theme," Cameron and I decided to do cupcakes with ocean blue frosting and shark fins sticking out and some with "sand" and little paper umbrellas sticking up. Let me say, these were a HUGE hit at the party. They disappeared in about 2 seconds, and I had 24 of them! Super easy.... tint the frosting blue and cute out shark fins from blue cardstock. And, the others were iced then covered in "sugar-in-the-raw" to look like sand and paper palm tree umbrellas (Party City), inserted. I LOVED how these turned out!

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Mandy said...

Such great ideas, Jenn! I will definitely store these ideas away for when Chase is in school. You're so creative and I appreciate you sharing your ideas!