Tuesday, August 24, 2010

just the girls again!

Over the weekend, I headed down to Wrightsville Beach for one last summer girls weekend beach fling! What a great way to end summer with good food (actually GREAT food) and good friends... ok, actually GREAT friends too! And the sun, sand and sea! The weather was just perfect. Traveler's tip again... if you are traveling to the Wrightsville Beach area, please try the Causeway Cafe for great cinnamon raisin french toast for breakfast and South Beach Grill for dinner! I would strongly recommend the "South Beach Sampler" for dinner! The perfect beach meal!

I am very thankful to have two great girlfriends to share a beach weekend with! Thanks Carolyn and Shelby! Looking forward to one more late late summer beach weekend..... and then New York in the spring!!!!

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