Wednesday, August 11, 2010

love these ideas!

It's here... back-to-school time! The first day of school is only two weeks from today!

I just love these ideas courtesy of the Givers Log and One Charming Party. These cute little erasers are simply store bought erasers wrapped in decorative paper! What a charming addition to a "first-day-of-school lunch box" as a treat for someone special! And, One Charming Party suggested doing a Pencil Exchange at a Back-to-School party! I LOVE this idea!!! Gather preschool or neighborhood friends together and have everyone bring a pack of pencils to exchange for the start of the new school year. The summer before Cameron started kindergarten we had some preschool friends over for an "on our way to kindergarten" party! It turned out so cute. I am thinking now I will have to do the same next summer before Bryson starts school and include this pencil exchange idea!!!

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