Sunday, October 10, 2010

there are moments

Soccer is in full swing for Cameron and Bryson. This is Bryson's second season playing and Cameron has been playing since he was three years old. They both love it. Last season, Doug and I were happy if Bryson just stayed on the field for the entire game! However, this season seems to be a big turning point for Bryson! He loves soccer and has drastically improved! So much so, that last week's game's final score was 1 to 1, with Bryson scoring both goals! Yes, both! He was very close to the opposing team's goal and was trying to turn the ball around toward his goal (good job B!!!) and he kicked it into their goal. All the parents just laughed! Then, just a few moments later, he scored his first ever soccer goal!!!!!!! Talk about a "moment!" There is just something about watching your little four year old score a goal (or basket, or touchdown, etc) and that feeling you have of overwhelming joy and pride! And, then, to see the look on their face when they know they have accomplished something and they are proud of themselves! Priceless!

These photos are of the "moment," although I was jumping up and down so much that I did not get an actual shot of the ball in the goal!

And then there is the congratulatory "high five" from Granddaddy who was lucky enough to be there for that first goal!

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