Sunday, January 30, 2011

winter organizing...

I LOVE to organize! Yes, I am an organization addict, I admit it. And, usually, around this time of the year, I start getting that "itch" to organize something and do some early "spring cleaning."

So, I spent some time last week copying a Martha Stewart idea I saw some time ago. It was very easy and very inexpensive, but VERY helpful (at least for my household!)

Since I have three little boys sleeping upstairs in our house, I have three sets of bed linens to organize. Since I love crisp white sheets, they all have those for their beds. However, I found myself always fumbling through the folded sheet sets trying to figure out who gets what when I change the bed linens. So.... as you can guess, I just took baskets and labeled each one with the correct linens and done! Now, I just go straight to the closet and the basket. And, better yet, when I tell a little person to help me they can see their name and know which basket to pick from! Perfect!

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Amber Risher said...

This makes me long for larger closets and more organization, myself. I will use this as inspiration!