Thursday, April 7, 2011

the birthday sleepover

To celebrate Cameron's 10th birthday, he decided on having his first sleepover. Side note..... I can tell I am pretty much finished with the "theme" parties for Cameron. I guess "ten" is the magic number when you go from "little kid parties" to big boy sleepover parties!

The birthday boy's two requests were a doughnut cake (yes, a cake made out of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!) and a Nerf gun war! I am not a huge fan of guns, even Nerf guns. But, when it is a birthday boy's only request, you have to give in!

So, last weekend we turned our backyard into a Nerf gun war zone and let the boys "have at it." Even little Noah wanted to join in on the fun. And if you are wondering, yes there were hundreds of Nerf bullets all over our backyard!

After the "war," it was time for make-your-own-sub night at our house, or "Cameron's Cafe" as we called it. And then, the doughnut cake! It was not the prettiest cake ever, but the boys LOVED it!

Happy Birthday Cameron! Our little boy is TEN!

*adorable and "perfect for a ten year old boy" invites can be found here at*

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