Monday, May 16, 2011

cameron's new love

So, while we were at the beach almost two weeks ago, Cameron met a surfer while playing in the ocean. This guy was a local and an incredible surfer. He spoke to Cameron and then asked if he wanted to "try out his surfboard." Cameron basically jumped out of his skin with excitement. He had been watching these older guys surf for hours, admiring their skills!

He gave Cameron several pointers and was really great with him! So nice! He complimented Cameron on doing such a good job and shook his hand. Cameron was so proud of himself. I don't think he stopped smiling the rest of the weekend.

Cameron has always had an interest in surfing. He is my little beach/surfer boy. So..... here come surf lessons this summer during our vacation!

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hrabalais said...

If you haven't seen "Soul Surfer" you should totally go see it! Very good Christian-based family movie.