Sunday, June 12, 2011

pomp and circumstance

Friday was a very special day in our house.... preschool graduation day for Bryson! It is hard for me to believe that Bryson will start kindergarten in August. I am sure I would not be handling this so well if I did not have one more "baby" to go through preschool! (So I am sure when Noah graduates preschool my post will be very different!)

It was such a bright sunny, albeit HOT, day for a happy graduation ceremony. Bryson was very blessed to share his day with his "Gommy" and Grandaddy and his Aunt Laura and cousins! To be surrounded by family and friends makes all events so much more special! I wondered how Bryson would do during the ceremony. The last time he sang in front of an audience he got a bit of stage fright. But not this time! I think he was so proud of himself and felt so confident wearing his cap and gown and being "a big boy" with his friends! His preschool did an excellent job of putting together a very sweet little program for all of us!

Congratulations Bryson.... Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you!

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monkeymoomoo said...

ahhhhhh.... all the pictures are sooo flippin cute!! And I LOVE the cake:) Adorable;)