Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the day we brought home beau henry.....

Sounds like bringing home a newborn huh?  Well, in some ways, having a three month old puppy is a little like having a newborn!   And our family is already attached to him just like we would be having a new human in the house!

One of our first photos of Beau Henry.... posing with his sister and brother.  The day we went to the breeder to meet Beau Henry, his sister was also leaving.  She was being picked up by a family driving from Florida!  beau is the one on the far left, "standing up."

"Picking" Beau Henry was just as hard as I thought it would be!  Luckily we knew we did not have the girl as a choice... so eliminate one.  But, both brothers were so sweet.  One was a little calmer than the other.  One was a little more "mischievous" than the other.  And one was a little "plumper" than the other.  So, which one did we come home with????  The rowdy, mischievous, plumpy one!  Bryson just bonded with him instantly and we knew he was the perfect fit for our crazy lifestyle!

Nothing sweeter than puppy kisses!

The first family photo with our newest addition!

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