Friday, November 25, 2011

charlotte tourney weekend

Last weekend hubby, Cameron, and I were in Charlotte for the Under Armour Cup for youth soccer.  I had no idea how much fun and how intense this weekend would be!

The boys are the team had a great opportunity to really get to know each other off the soccer field since we were all in the same hotel for the weekend.  You could tell it really paid off on the soccer field!  They won their first three games and made it all the way to the finals!  Hubby and I were very proud parents!

notice the team captain armband!

Although I think our team plays well, given the competition in this kind of a tournament, I did not think we would make it to the semifinals, much less the finals!

Unfortunately, we lost the final game, 2 to 1.  But, not because we did not play our little hearts out!  We just had an unlucky break and the scored.  But we made it the finals!  We won second place!  A silver medal!

We are now ranked third in out local soccer division in our age group and the one above us!

Go Rapids!

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