Sunday, November 6, 2011

party pics!

Only two weeks late with this post..... better late than never!

Six years ago, I remember so well being rushed to the hospital by my "never-in-a-panic" husband who broke every speed limit possible.  Oh, and did I mention that my mom was in the backseat?!!!  I remember not being able to walk to the door.  I remember hubby putting me in a wheelchair and taking me upstairs to Labor and Delivery.  I remember my mom parking our car.  I remember hubby's voice saying that I needed help - fast!

Then, fifteen minutes later, I remember hubby looking at me, a bit teary eyed, saying it's a ...... boy!

Six years ago, on October 22, 2005, Bryson Gray entered the world (in a hurry!) and our lives have not been the same since!

A few things I love right now about my little Bryson....

  • his humor, he can make us all laugh without even meaning to do so.
  • that blonde hair
  • his "not caring what others think" attitude.  I envy that actually.
  • the thumb on his left hand that is always red and chapped from sucking it at night!
  • the way he will give me the biggest hug when I agree to do something he wants to do!
  • our nights when we snuggle on the sofa, just us, and have hot cocoa
  • the way his left ear turns down at the top a bit more than the right one!!!
Happy 6th Birthday Bryson!

A few pics from the party day....

invite lemonadepaperie on Etsy

cake design by Jackie Treschl

the "ring master" in the ticket booth/circus tent

the whole "circus" including several "clowns" with red noses on!

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monkeymoomoo said...

Jenn-- you out did yourself!!! What an amazing looking party:):) And I adore the things that you love about the birthday boy--touched my heart and reminded me of all the special things that I love about my little monkey too:):)