Saturday, April 30, 2011

oh, and this one too!

And the staircase in my next house! Oh how my wish list grows!!!!

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my next house...

will have an entry like this one!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thank you teachers

Next week is "teacher appreciation week" at Cameron's elementary school. Not sure if this is a county or state wide "event," but I am sure every school has something like it at some point during the year. So, this really cute idea was on Eighteen25 (great blog by the way!) and I just had to share. This blog has many DIY printable ideas throughout the year. Definitely one to "follow!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

the hunt

Just a few photos from our annual Easter egg hunt at "Gommy's" a.k.a. "my mom's." The boys always have such a good time with their cousins doing this! Such a special thing for me to see them enjoying their "younger" family members. And, this year, little Emery was able to take part!

Too cute!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

did your house have these this morning???

This is what the boys woke up to this morning (Easter Sunday) at our front door! Very "egg-citing!!!"

"Hoppy" Easter from our family to yours!

Hope it is extra "sweet!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

more photos with "rufus" and "pancake!"

As I mentioned in the previous post detailing our annual Easter party, we "borrowed" two of the sweetest little bunnies ever for a couple of days. Sadly, we had to "return" them this week. But, not before we had some time in our back yard to play in the green grass with those sweet little things!

I am missing those little bunnies like crazy! And have not decided for sure that they will not come back to the Koehler house permanently.......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bunnies, "babies" and baskets!

This past weekend we had our annual Easter party in our backyard. We were so lucky to have the most gorgeous weather Sunday afternoon! Could not have asked for anything better for a backyard party!

I have mentioned before how much I truly love Spring and Easter. And, our Easter party is another favorite time. Our tradition has been the kids gather in the backyard and decorate eggs together. Then, it's time for the egg and spoon relay race and some Easter treats! However, this year, I decided to add two little "surprise guests" to the party! Let me introduce you to "Rufus" and "Pancake," also known as the cutest little baby bunnies ever!

The bunnies were a huge it at the party. Just FYI..... our family has not acquired new pets. I actually found a breeder who allows photographers to "borrow" her bunnies around Easter for photos. So, I asked if we could "borrow" them for an Easter party and she agreed. So much fun to watch the children arrive in the backyard and spot the little bunnies!

Of course, we did dye eggs as well enjoy the annual egg and spoon relay. And, we had a "guess how many maltballs in the jar" contest where "Ms. Park" was our big winner! Her prize.... a giant chocolate bunny, of course! (which she gave to her two children) We also enjoyed Easter cupcakes, white chocolate dipped giant marshmallows, cheddar chick-a-dees, lemon cookies, fruit kabobs, cheese cubes, chicken salad baskets and lemonade. The perfect spring day party menu!

*if you would like any info about the breeder we used to borrow the bunnies, please email me.
*the invites and other paper goods are from the wonderful lemonadepaperie
*the chick cupcake toppers were from this little Etsy shop