Sunday, March 25, 2012

the ten

How can it be that we have a baby, blink our eyes, and they are not babies anymore??!!  How can that happen?

My baby Noah turned three about a week ago.  (Yes, so late on posting!)  We had a very quiet family night the day of his birthday because the pediatrician told us the day before that they suspected he had mono!   Mono?!  Did not see that coming when I took him in on a Monday morning for what I thought might be strep throat.

Anyway, his "big celebration day" was a few days after when he feeling all better!   Photos to come on that. What fun!

I wanted to share my "top ten things I love about my Noah right now" in honor of his third birthday!

  • his smile.   can light up my heart on even the WORST of days
  • watching him take in all that his older brothers do and trying so hard to copy all of it
  • the way he RUNS to me and jumps into my arms when I pick him up at preschool!  ( I will so miss these days soon!)
  • the way his sleepy little voice sounds when he repeats "sweet dreams" to me after I whisper it in his ear at bedtime
  • the fact that he will still come to me every once and while after his bath and want me to "make him a princess!" (Don't judge!)  It's where we take his towel and tie it around under his arms so it stays on on the way to his room.  One day he said it was "like a princess."  (I have no idea!)
  • the look in his baby blue eyes when we watch "Little Einsteins" for the 68th time in a row.  It's like he is watching for the very first time, every time.
  • the way his baby blue eyes look when the sunlight catches them just right.  They are piercing, gorgeous ocean blue!
  • the way he will ask if he can watch a movie in the car (as soon as the car doors close!) and tell me "he is ready, he has the MOTE!"
  • the fact that he can READ TO ME "Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?"
  • the fact that no matter what has happened to him or hurt him, chocolate can solve it all for him!

Happy Birthday my baby Noah!   Hard to believe you are already three!


Mandy said...

awww...this brought tears to my eyes. How quickly our baby boys are growing up! happy Birthday, Noah!!

Steph said...

so sweet!! can NOT wait to see pictures from noah's party! a little bird told me it was PRECIOUS! (obviously!)