Wednesday, July 4, 2012

catch up....

Am I the only one who has ever been so far behind in life that you feel like you just need to start all over again??!!  Up until the past few weeks, that is the way life had become!  I was feeling behind on everything.  So far behind that I was missing doing blog posts... which I enjoy!

So, a few random photos to just get myself "caught up...."

Bryson started his very first golf lessons last month.  There were about six boys with the golf pro.  Bryson seemed to be the only one who really wanted to learn about golf.  I have actually witnessed it happen... Bryson has been bitten by the golf "bug!"  He is hooked!

And this is how the other two spent their time on the course while brother was finishing his golf lesson!

Science night at the elementary school.  Big boys do bubbles too!!!!!

Mother's Day.  The preschoolers in our church sing every Mother's Day Sunday during the service.  Please notice the little boy in the blue shirt.  Yes, that would be my little Noah who decided to play on the railing the entire time!   So, no super cute photo of little Noah singing because he was too busy playing jungle gym on the kneeling bench railing!!!!!   Oh Noah.....

Mother's Day 2012.... I have the best Mommy ever!

Oh, my handsome Cameron.

Wouldn't you want doughnuts from these cute little delivery guys???!!!!!

my little man

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