Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Hope Elementary Graduation

Cameron's elementary school put on quite the celebration for the fifth grade graduates!   It was much fun to participate in the planning for this event (I learned LOTS for when it is Bryson and Noah's turn!).

Cameron with one of his best buddies, Paul H.

Love this photo.... these are Cameron's fifth grade and kindergarten teachers!
We love you Ms. Wilson (yes, same teacher as B's in this post here)  and Ms. Honeycutt!!!

the gang!

Love  this photo too.  Ms. Honeycutt with Cameron's two younger brothers (in the back) and Cameron's buddy, Paul's two younger brothers (in front).   We are hoping for a "repeat" of the fifth grade teacher for the brothers!!!!!

Cameron says goodbye to elementary school....
hello to middle school!

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