Monday, November 5, 2012

fore! well... actually SEVEN!

How can it be that I am the mom of an eleven year old, three year old and now seven year old??!!!

Two weekends ago we were blessed with a picture perfect fall day to gather friends and family for an afternoon of golfing and birthday celebrating for Bryson!  Seriously, THE perfect day for golf!

Bryson started golf lessons about a year ago and, like his dad, was instantly hooked!  It was easy to guess what kind of birthday party he wanted this year when I gave him the option of a costume party (since it was October) or golf.

We took the kids to the golf course for the first part of the party where they could hit buckets of balls at the driving range.  Some of the kids had never swung a golf club before and it was sweet to watch my golfing hubby give "lessons!"

There were, of course, the "little guys," including little Noah who wanted to just run around swinging the golf clubs!

After the golf course, it was off to the "clubhouse" (our house!) for snacks, cake and a couple of games!

(Post to follow on those details!)

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