Saturday, July 21, 2012

milk and cookies

My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their third little boy, Meyer, on May 2, 2012.  We celebrated his much anticipated arrival with a milk and cookies themed sip 'n see!!!  Lots of fun to plan and enjoy!

an afternoon of milk and cookies!  
Meyer lemon cookies, chocolate chip cookies, ricotta cheese cookies, chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, and peanut butter cookies.   Several types of milk to please every request.  Cupcakes with milk bottles with a little "M" for baby Meyer and cookies.  And party favors of mason jars full of dry ingredients to go home and make your own chocolate chip cookies!

Welcome Meyer!  We are so excited to meet you!!!!!

butterflies and sailboats

A day at our local museum!

 full of butterflies....

and sailboats....


Our family spent a day at Carowinds a few weeks ago and had a blast!

Noah's highlight of the day... meeting Snoopy!!

do you think this one had any fun at all????

From our faces in both of these photos, you would think we were on the "grown up" roller coasters... to us, they were perfect!

ok, have to brag one more time.....

Awards day was the last day of school.  My heart just swelled with pride for both of my little boys!

Cameron received an award for Student Council and news crew.

Bryson won the male kindergarten MVP award for PE.

We are very proud of you both!


I never posted these pics from graduation.  We actually had two big "graduation" celebrations in our family in June.  Bryson from kindergarten and Cameron from elementary school (fifth grade!).  It is hard to believe that either of those actually happened!

My little "graduates..."

New Hope Elementary Graduation

Cameron's elementary school put on quite the celebration for the fifth grade graduates!   It was much fun to participate in the planning for this event (I learned LOTS for when it is Bryson and Noah's turn!).

Cameron with one of his best buddies, Paul H.

Love this photo.... these are Cameron's fifth grade and kindergarten teachers!
We love you Ms. Wilson (yes, same teacher as B's in this post here)  and Ms. Honeycutt!!!

the gang!

Love  this photo too.  Ms. Honeycutt with Cameron's two younger brothers (in the back) and Cameron's buddy, Paul's two younger brothers (in front).   We are hoping for a "repeat" of the fifth grade teacher for the brothers!!!!!

Cameron says goodbye to elementary school....
hello to middle school!

end of an "era"

A few pics from the end of elementary school for Cameron.   Middle school... here we come!

class photo from the fall of 2011

school field trip photo on the bus!

looking studious in class

hanging out with friends at "Spring Fling"

carrying in the class flag for field day (with Lucy)

Honeycutt's Heroes
class field day

giving it all he's got on field day for "jump the creek!"  

kindergarten graduation celebrations!

end of the year student award... "Mr. Computer Whiz!"  We'll see if this still holds true in about ten years??!!

B and his kindergarten buddy, Trey

We could not have asked for better kindergarten teachers!  Ms. Wilson and Ms. Pinnix, we will miss you!