Sunday, November 11, 2012

the details on the golf party!

This golf party was SO much fun to plan!  Not only because I am a "party planning junkie," but because Bryson has such a passion for golf at a young age!

After playing "a round" at the golf course, we headed back to the "clubhouse" aka.... our house, for lunch, cake, and a couple of games.  

The kids enjoyed a "boxed lunch" in the backyard.  I took white boxes and filled them with a "club" sandwich, "chip" shots (potato chips), and a "par"fait (pudding cup).  Then, after I closed up the lunch boxes, I tied on the "Happy Birthday" stamped wooden spoons (my new party LOVE item!) with ribbon and stuck on the custom made menu label!  Perfect for a quick way to have lunches all ready upon arrival as well as easy distribution and clean up!

Of course there was cake and other sweet treats like the "snow balls," which I thought looked just like golf balls.  Especially when topped with the flag.

There were a couple of games to end our afternoon.  A hole-in-one competition, where there were not one, but two winners!  A "guess how many golf tees are in the jar" game.  And, finally, a take on the old "egg and spoon" relay.  We used golf balls and plastic spoons for our version!   

Everyone was a winner during our party and everyone went home with their own trophy!!!!

Each golfer also got a take home their own "bucket of balls" to enjoy at home for breakfast!  The bucket of balls was actually powdered sugar doughnut holes!  Perfect in cello bags and placed in a tin bucket to mimic a bucket of balls you would get at the driving range!

*** round invitations, lunchbox labels, party favor tags custom designed by LemonadePaperie on Etsy

***white lunch boxes and stamped wooden spoons from Garnish

***argyle design cake from my favorite local cake designer, Jackie Treschl

***iced sugar cookies (which were amazing!) from another Etsy vendor, Lori's Place Creations

*** signs on the golf cart and at the putting green, custom made by my very own eleven year old, Cameron!

*** buckets and trophies - online  party store

Click on any of the photos to see them a little closer!

Monday, November 5, 2012

fore! well... actually SEVEN!

How can it be that I am the mom of an eleven year old, three year old and now seven year old??!!!

Two weekends ago we were blessed with a picture perfect fall day to gather friends and family for an afternoon of golfing and birthday celebrating for Bryson!  Seriously, THE perfect day for golf!

Bryson started golf lessons about a year ago and, like his dad, was instantly hooked!  It was easy to guess what kind of birthday party he wanted this year when I gave him the option of a costume party (since it was October) or golf.

We took the kids to the golf course for the first part of the party where they could hit buckets of balls at the driving range.  Some of the kids had never swung a golf club before and it was sweet to watch my golfing hubby give "lessons!"

There were, of course, the "little guys," including little Noah who wanted to just run around swinging the golf clubs!

After the golf course, it was off to the "clubhouse" (our house!) for snacks, cake and a couple of games!

(Post to follow on those details!)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

add one more to the soccer roster!

Our little Noah just finished his first soccer season!   Into soccer just like his brothers at only age 3!   I think he might be as "hooked" as they are.

We'll see how the Spring season goes!


Cameron's first Cotillion class!  One proud Mommy!  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

my two vampires and a cute little lion!

Happy Halloween!

time to carve a pumpkin!

I do so enjoy our annual pumpkin carving party!  The weather was definitely not on our side this year (the day before Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast), but we made the most of it and managed to carve pumpkins without any rain!

pick a pumpkin

Annual trip with our neighborhood friends to the local pumpkin patch!