Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 started off with a winter vacation!

Welcome to 2009!

Our new year started off with a winter vacation (a first for the Koehler family!) to Massanutten Ski Resort in Virginia. We left New Year's Day for 4 days of fun in the snow!

There was an indoor water park on the resort property that was amazing! The boys loved the fact that they could be in swimsuits in the water in the middle of winter!

The real highlight of the trip was hitting the slopes! It was Cameron and Bryson's first time ever even seeing a ski slope. Cameron started with a couple of snowboarding lessons and then he was off! Bryson hung out with Doug until he got the hang of things. But once he did.. he was off too! He even told Doug he wanted to go down the big slopes like Daddy after only about 5 or 6 times down the "bunny" slope. I cannot explain what joy it brought to me to watch those boys having so much fun snow skiing for the very first time. We must have stayed on the ski slope for 5 hours.. until it started getting dark and I started getting nervous about the ice!

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