Friday, August 21, 2009

Waiting for Baby Noah...

By February 2009 we had already made the announcement to our friends and family while at Bryson' s birthday party that the third baby Koehler would be yet another bouncing baby boy! (see photo above) We had kept everyone in suspense for about one week until we could all be together for Bryson's party where we "announced" the secret of what the baby would be. We had a color co-ordinated balloon wrapped in a very large box for Brsyon to open first. When the box opened out came the blue balloon signifying another baby boy to add to our family!!! I think some of friends and family were a little surprised! Poor Gommy... still no girl from the Koehlers!

So, then the next "step" was the waiting for Baby Noah's arrival to actually get here. I was very lucky to have such a great family that decided to "shower" me even for this, my third baby! They really just felt sorry for me because Doug and I thought we were finished with babies and we got rid of almost everything we had for Cameron and Bryson. In late February, the family hosted a shower at Gommy's house to honor little Noah. I felt very blessed with family and friends there to support me (and Noah!)

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