Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boys... meet your new baby brother!

Cameron and Bryson met Baby Noah the afternoon that he was born. We decided to let them go to school and preschool like a normal day and then come to the hospital to meet their new brother. I had bought them disposable cameras earlier and they were given those before coming to the hospital so they could take their very own photos of the baby. It was so fascinating to see Baby Noah through their eyes and from their perspective! I was so glad that I did this and they loved it!!
I think both boys were a little surprised at how tiny Noah was. I guess they were expecting a baby that would sit up and play from the very beginning. Bryson seemed excited for the first 20 minutes and then his attention faded. Cameron was much more attentive to his new brother.
The next night the boys came by to visit us again and they got to experience a stinky diaper. That seemed to be even more exciting to them than actually meeting Noah for the first time. It got even more exciting when Noah started pooping WHILE we were all changing his diaper together! Bryson has been "fascinated' by poop diapers ever since! What is wrong with my children??!
Watching them grow up together is going to be such a joy through the years!!!!!

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