Sunday, August 23, 2009

Noah's Baptism

Noah's baptism day was probably one of the most important days in his life so far. And what a special moment in life for me and Doug. There cannot be many more touching moments than watching your child be baptized into their new church family.

But, as with every special moment in the Koehler family.... there is always a "story" to accompany the memory. In this case, it was all about Bryson!
So, we arrived at the church the morning of July 26th for Noah's baptism. I had tried to explain to the boys that today was Noah's special day and we were going to be good for Noah, etc. Bryson was not exactly in the "mood" I had hoped for this day. I decided to take him to the church nursery until time for the actual baptism. So, we joined our wonderful family and friends who came to support Noah in the sanctuary and the service began. I slipped out right after the sermon to get Bryson, thinking I had plenty of time before the congregation would finish the hymn. However, Bryson, being in the mood he was in, did not want to leave the nursery immediately because they were having SNACK! So, I tried and tried to convince him, aka bribe him!, to come with me for Noah's special day. He finally did, but only if I let him bring his snack down to the church. By the time I got to the doors of the church (which thankfully were closed) Doug and Noah were standing there looking at me telling me to "hurry, they are waiting for us!" So, as we walked into the sanctuary, everyone was quiet and waiting for us! Bryson STILL did not want to get rid of his snack, so with the entire congregation watching we had to lay Bryson's saltine cracker and napkin at the altar of the church! How embarrassing! Really!?!

Ok.... now for the important and sweet moment of the day. Noah was fantastic during his special time. Doug and I and all the boys gathered around the baptismal font and Rev. Carl (King) made the moment very sweet and special. I will try to always remember how incredibly sweet and serene Noah's face looked in the sunlight coming through the church window as they were sprinkling water on his head for baptism. Then Carl walked his down the aisle to "introduce" him to the church congregation. As he walked he made a very funny joke about his name, and needing to supply him with a hammer and wood during rain storms. (I am sure Noah will get a lot of this throughout his life!). Then he noticed, as we all did, when he got up to the front of the church that Noah had been staring at him the whole trip down the aisle, just glued to his every word. So, Carl joked and said he wished everyone in the congregation was as attentive as he was on Sunday mornings! It was very cute.

After the service we all headed down Franklin Street to 411 West fro brunch and cake. Noah had fallen asleep immediately after his baptism, so he was awake and ready to go at brunch! It truly was so nice to have close friends and family surrounding us on Noah's special day. Thank you so much to all who took time out of their lives to join our family.

PS, really sorry about the sideways photo of Noah's cake. Does anyone know how to fix this once you have uploaded the photo into the blog????


David Jackson said...

Hello Kids,

Who's that ugly bald guy??? Family sounds great! It is nice to receive updates from the north. I miss all my redneck friends and hope we will keep in touch. Our fmaily is good. Caroline Karen Jackson was born on August 13th. Everyone is well! Tell everyone we said hello and we'll be in touch.

Steph said...

I am LOVING reading through your blog!! :) For the sideways pictures, I don't know what to do...if you post your pictures in snapfish i know you can rotate it there and then save the new picture to your computer, upload that one to the blog. Does that make sense at all!??! :)

Emily said...

So Cute!!! Cute when Noah was smiling!! Is that a picture that you toke while i was making him smiling?