Sunday, August 30, 2009

Noah's "dinner date" with Miss Reagan

"Look, our car seats match, just different colors!"

So, about three or so weeks ago, Noah and I went out to dinner with a group of friends from big brother Cameron's school. One of the people we had dinner with was friend, Stephanie Kepplinger (a former 2nd grade teacher at New Hope), and her little one Miss Reagan Mae. Of course, I had to snap a photo of Noah's first "dinner date" with a girl... actually a group of girls! The wee ones were definitely the hit of the night! They were very well behaved!

Reagan's mom, Stephanie, also has a blog which I have mentioned before and you can view through my list of blogs. From reading through her posts one day about two weeks ago, I came across another blog that I really want to share. The blog is (you will be able to get to it through the link on my home page under "Katie's Keepers"). This blog is basically just like many blog's that shares happenings in their lives. However, this family shares through their blog, the loss of their baby girl at only 2 days old. Although this family are complete strangers to me, I could not help but get completely absorbed one night reading about their loss, but more importantly their incredible outlook on life. You can read about what happened throughout the blog. They just lost their daughter about 3 weeks ago. But as you read you can tell that this family is not like your everyday family. They have an incredible amount of faith and optimism. I do not think that I could have handled a loss like they suffered the way they have. Again, although they are complete strangers, her words really make you reflect on your life. PS - if you do check out this blog, grab a tissue first! Trust me!!


Steph said...

oh my gosh! too cute :) i haven't checked katie's keepers in awhile because everytime i did i was balling my eyes out! it's so sad and i agree their faith and outlook on life is AMAZING!! thanks for posting that cute picture of our babies...we'll have to do dinner again soon! :)

Emily said...

So Cute Together!!!!!!!