Monday, August 31, 2009

Clean teeth!

I am trying so hard to get my blog posts up to date, but, wow.. it is hard with THREE little ones here at night!!!

Anyway.... last week Bryson had his very first trip to the dentist, a.k.a. Mommy's office! For my children, going to the dentist is exciting, but probably not as much so as other kids since I also work in the dentist office. To them "Dr. Taylor" is Mommy's boss, not really a dentist. Although, last week, Bryson was more "serious about being in the office because he was in "Miss Gail's" chair for his cleaning!

I have to admit, Cameron's first dental visit was also when he was three. It, too, was in my office and I was not really worried about how he would do because of that fact. As expected, Cameron did great for his first dental visit. But, as everyone knows, Bryson can sometimes be a different story - but I love him more than life!!! Anyway, I was a tiny bit concerned about how he would be for "Miss Gail." I was worried that he might give "Miss Gail" a run for her money. HOWEVER, I have to say that Bryson did a great job and I was very proud of him! She did say he was "quite the talker," but he did sit still and behave beautifully! I could not have been happier! And, if you look real close, you can even see that "Miss Gail" was nice enough to clean Bryson's "Puppy's" teeth too! Yes, the dog's name is Puppy - just Puppy! And "Puppy" pretty much goes everywhere we go.. even the dentist!!!!

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