Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The big dig!!!

Over the weekend our family took a day trip to the "big" town of Aurora, NC to visit the fossil museum and the fossil dig site. Granddaddy and "Miss Jeanette" accompanied us for the "big dig," or, as Bryson called it, the "dig out!"

Aurora is the home of a well known fossil museum and they have a huge fossil dig site. The boys had absolutely the best time digging in the dirt. Cameron knew exactly what he was digging for - fossils and sharks teeth! Bryson, on the other hand, was just happy to digging and getting dirty!

Cameron was very happy to have about 25 new shark teeth to add to his collection. Again, Bryson was just happy to bring home about 25 pounds of dirt in his overall pocket! It was great fun to watch the boys playing with their Grandaddy in this big giant dirt pile. Grandaddy had made them their very own "sifters" to use looking for treasures. The boys enjoyed those, as well as, using the "the big shovels" that Daddy usually would not let them touch.
So, if you are bored one day and want to go dig in the dirt for fossils, shark teeth, and other hidden treasures, Aurora is the place to go! But, be sure to pack some snacks... there is not much around the town of Aurora!

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