Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday's baseball game

Go HYAA Panthers! Cameron's baseball team won their game Saturday and Cameron had two more hits and helped get one player out. Again, I know nothing about baseball, but I was a very proud mommy! Cameron seems to be enjoying baseball more than I thought he would. Tonight I was outside in the front yard and caught a glimpse of Cameron and his "neighborhood friends" playing in another backyard. They all had their baseball gloves on and they were throwing around the baseball and just laughing and having the best time. It dawned on me that is exactly what being an 8 year old boy should be all about.... baseball and your buddies!

Bryson was assigned a part on Cameron's baseball team Saturday too! He is VERY excited to be the official bat boy for the Panthers! I mean, he is so excited! About five minutes after he put on the helmet and started getting the bats for the team he noticed that the players and Doug and Coach Buck all had their shirt tails tucked in. So, what did he decide to do... tuck in his own shirt tail! You can see a little bit of Bryson here with his helmet on!

Cameron's second hit of the game Saturday! This video clip is about a minute long, but if you have a minute, it is so sweet to hear his bat make contact with the ball after two strikes! And the cheering for him in the background is so cool! Go Cameron!

PS..... sorry for the video being a little "shaky" in parts! I am filming this with little Noah attached to me in the Baby Bjorn carrier and he was playing with the fence in front of us!

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