Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bible bearer

Oh my... what a sweet Sunday! Cameron had a very special day today at our church. This morning during the church service, Cameron was a bible bearer. At our church any third grader can attend a short "class" on bible bearers and acolytes and then "serve" the church during the service. Once Cameron is in 4th grade he can be an acolyte too. My heart just swelled with pride when I saw him in his robe before the service. I had not gone with him when he was fitted for this over the summer (Doug took him!). So, of course, I had to snap a photo.. or two... or three!!!!! My Cameron looks like such a grown up little boy!

Okay, I know maybe I should not have been using my flip video in a church service, but I just could not help myself! I wanted to get a tiny bit of Cameron walking down the aisle as a bible bearer for the very first time. He just looked so handsome! (and a little nervous!) He said the bible was very heavy!

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