Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bryson said...

Ok, for any mom out there that has a 3 or 4 year old right now, you will completely understand this post! Bryson turned four last month and it seems like his birthday gift to us was the word "no." He must say it about 2,008 times each day. But lately, it seems like it has some "attitude" going along with it!
So, Doug is completely fed up with Bryson looking at us when we tell him things and saying the word "no." He is just about to snap! So, at the dinner table the other day Bryson did not want to eat his green beans (again!). He got up from the table and came to me to tell me he did not want to eat them. Doug looked at him and said "Brsyon you will go sit back down and eat your green beans or no dessert" (by the way, this ploy does not work and is not suggested in parenting books!) So, Bryson looked at him and said "no." Doug asked him what he said and Bryson repeated "no!" So, I knew a battle was coming.... Doug responded (calmly) with "Bryson, you better stop with the no's!!!" And, as Bryson walked back to his chair, he stopped, looked at him perplexed, and said "what nose, this nose, Daddy??!!!" and pointed right to his NOSE!

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Nancy said...

This is so typical, and yet so exasperating to a parent! I do not know if I could have kept a straight face if I had been in your shoes. Poor Doug!!