Thursday, November 19, 2009

The things we learn at bridal showers.....

Last weekend I went to a bridal shower for a special friend, Sandy Pittmam, a.k.a "Ms. Pittman" to many of us. Sandy is engaged and getting married in December in the Bahamas! A destination wedding, what a brave girl! Anyway, Saturday was her bridal shower at her sister's house. One of the "games" played was to share a tip for relationships and a household tip for Sandy to keep in mind as she embarks upon marriage! She read these aloud to the group. Some (MOST) were very funny! However, Sandy got to one of the household tips and we were all AMAZED! Did you know that there are holes in the sides of the aluminum foil box to punch in to help hold the roll of foil so it does not come out of the box when you pull it??????!!!! Okay, if you already knew that then, please, share the rest of your knowledge! But, I will assume, like most of us at the shower, that you did not! Can you believe that? The simplest little thing and I have never discovered that in my 37 years of life!

So, there's your tip for the day! Now, go ahead and check your aluminum foil box in the kitchen drawer right now! You know you want to!!!

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