Saturday, December 19, 2009

Basketball game #2... Pistons vs. Heat

Cameron is playing basketball again this season. And, for the second season in a row, Doug is coaching, along with our good friend and neighbor, Andy Halsey. This year, Cameron is playing for a different league, Orange County Parks and Rec. I have to say, it is much more competitive - but lots of fun, so far. Last weekend was game #2, Pistons (our team) vs. Heat. You would have thought that we were all in a gym watching UNC play Duke for the national championship on Saturday! Our team was down 13 to 2 at the half! Doug was, needless to say, frustrated! I am not sure what he said during the halftime break, but, our players (Cameron one of them!)came out and scored 4 points within the first two minutes of the second half! It was awesome! Then, we managed to tie the game! Well, long story short, the game went into TRIPLE OVERTIME! Can you believe that? Eight year old basketball teams playing their little hearts out! The rulebook said we had played enough, so the tie stood as is. Cameron and Doug really wanted to keep playing, but I guess, enough is enough. Go Pistons! Next game, after the holiday break.
PS, Cameron is #5 on his team in the blue jersey!

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Emily said...

Go Pistons! Cameron and Mason rock at playing basketball!