Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Santa train and the rainy day!

Our nephew, Max celebrated his second birthday the end of October (see previous post!). Doug and I decided to give him something other than just another toy. We wanted to give him something a bit more fun, and perhaps make a memory for him... ok, he is only two, but maybe a memory for all of us!
Max has a serious LOVE of Thomas the train. Did I say serious love? So, we decided to take both of our families on the Santa train at the New Hope Valley Railroad this year. We did this last weekend.... the weekend that it rained all day Sunday, a slow, steady, cold, raw rain! That was the only really bad thing about our train excursion. The weather could have been a lot better! But, all in all, it was a lot of fun and I think Max enjoyed his afternoon out with the train... oh, the steam engine to be exact! Santa made an appearance in our car. Which, by the way, we got very lucky and were able to ride in the caboose. Cameron and Bryson got to ride in the cupola with the driver (conductor?)! This was really cool! The train ride was about one hour, so we were glad to be inside the caboose car instead of in the main open air part where it was freezing!
Hope you enjoyed your train day Max!!!! We hope to make this a family tradition in the years to come!

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