Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone, can you believe it???! Am I the only one that feels like the year 2000 was just yesterday? I must be getting old!
I have to say that I am guilty of making personal New Year's Resolutions that I end up not fulfilling by the end of the year. So, like many others, I am not going to set unrealistic goals this year. I think I actually only have two resolutions I would like to make AND keep for 2010. The first is that I will try to actually enjoy Christmas in 2010. Every year I say this and every year it ends up the same - stressed and busy beyond belief and then feeling like the whole thing just flies by. I am vowing to take a step back and remember my children and family next Christmas season. So, to all of my friends and family out there, this could be the year that I actually donate to your favorite charity in lieu of any gifts! Hope that ends up being ok!
So, that leads to my second resolution... to be a better mom and spend more time, QUALITY time with my children. I have not felt as if I have done that lately. I know that having three kids and working a full time job makes life very busy, but I feel some days like I am "falling behind" in my motherly duties! I'll let you know how I am feeling about both of these at then end of 2010!
So, we will say good bye to 2009 and hello to 2010 now. But, for our family, what a special year 2009 was. The addition of Baby Noah to our family made things feel so complete! 2009 had many special memories for all of us.... here's just a few

Happy New Year from our family to yours!!!!!

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